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Best Practices

Capacity building grants have produced effective or best practices, which may be adapted to a public education agency's individual and unique circumstances. Best practices are products of the programmatic completion reports filed with the Arizona Department of Education at the end of the two-year project period. Each best practice provides you with:

  • An overview of the problem or situation that existed prior to the start of the grant.
  • An explanation of how the problem was addressed during the two-year grant period.
  • An illustration of the indicators of project success.
  • A description of grant-related plans that did not work and possible reasons for their lack of success.
  • Information on media projects, such as video or digital camera capture, that were done on a project, which may be shared with you.
  • An individualized plan to imbed the positive program outcomes more firmly into the school culture after the life of the grant.

Each priority's effective practices section has a link to the Grants Management Enterprise home page, where you can access the approved application. This will allow you to compare the intent of the grant (the approved application) to the result (the best practice).

Follow this link to view Best Practices by Type of Grant