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Requests for assistance regarding the Grants Management Enterprise and online technical issues should be directed to the Grants Management Unit, (602) 542-3452.

For information on the Arizona Behavioral Initiative or grant activities, contact:
For information on the Arizona Transition Outcomes Project or School to Adult Life Transition grant, contact:
For information on the Reading Intervention Grant for Grades 4 – 8, contact: For information on the Transitioning Incarcerated Youth From Secure Care Facilities to the Community grant, contact: Or for other assistance regarding grant activities, contact:
  • Celia Kujawski, Capacity Building Grant Coordinator,
    Phone (602) 364-4019
  • Arizona Department of Education
    Exceptional Student Services
    1535 West Jefferson Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007
  • Informational Line: (602) 542-4013
    Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm