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The Arizona Department of Education, Grants Management Enterprise, manages an online application and completion report process. This eliminates the need to submit hard copies, which are accepted only under limited conditions. Exceptions are made for unexpected or catastrophic events that prevent electronic submission.

Capacity Building Grant Applications

All grants currently available and funded by the Arizona Department of Education can be found at under Fund Alerts, View ALL Fund Alerts. Capacity building grant online applications and download information are posted on a staggered schedule from approximately September through February. Application submission deadlines may differ from grant to grant, but all grant applications must be in by the first week of April. Grant applications are online for six to ten weeks in accordance with federal regulations. County school office, district, and charter school personnel should occasionally check this site to avoid missing funding opportunities that may periodically appear at this site.

Application Evaluation and Scoring

The grant evaluation process is generally done in between late April to mid-May. Exceptional Student Services enlists the assistance of experts in the field of special education and related services and/or professional development, and trains them in evaluation and scoring. Grants are awarded based on program and fiscal accountability as determined by the averaged or collective scores and recommendation for funding by the evaluators. Final determination is made by the Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services.

Second Year Renewal Applications

Applications to renew capacity building funding for the second year become available online in the Grants Management Enterprise on March 1 with a required submission deadline of May 1. These limited applications provide the opportunity to adjust the budget and revise the project goals, if appropriate to the grant, for year two. Second year funding is contingent upon renewal application submission and demonstration of success during the first year.

Annual Completion Reports

Federal law requires that education agencies receiving federal funds must file an annual fiscal completion report with the state education agency within 90 days after the end of a grant year. Capacity building grants require fiscal and programmatic reporting. For capacity building grants with project periods from July 1 - June 30, completion report templates are available for online accessibility on July 1 with an electronic submission date of September 28.

For further information, contact Celia Kujawski at (602) 364-4019, or e-mail her at